Rookie Packages

These are products we at 2N1 Skate Shoppe recommend for new Roller Derby skaters.  We encourage you to create your own customized rookie package by adding the items listed below.  If you have any questions or feel lost, feel free to e-mail us at any time.  

Required elements of a Rookie Package: 
  1. Skates
  2. Helmet
  3. Knee Pads
  4. Elbow Pads
  5. Wrist Guards
  6. Mouth Guard
Once you have created your customized Rookie Package, use the code "RookiePkg" at checkout to receive 10% off your entire Order.

If you want items that are not included on this page, e.g. a different brand of knee pads, it's no problem!  These are just recommendations so feel free to look around before making a final decision.

Any additional items you purchase with your rookie package will also be 10% off!

Items listed in the "Optional Items" category below are items that many new skaters find useful. They are listed here for your convenience, but are not required to receive the rookie package discount.
Featured Products
187 Killer Slim Knee Pads
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187 Elbow and Knee Combo Pack
In Stock
187 Killer Derby Wrist/Palm Guards
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187 Killer Standard Elbow Pads
Average Rating(5)
In Stock
187 Killer Wrist Guards
In Stock
Bont Prostar
Average Rating(2)
Special Order - May take up to 2 weeks to receive. Free Shipping!
Bont Quadstar With No Bumper
$206.00  $174.99
In Stock Free Shipping!
Coach Gift Pack
Made to Order
Competitor Falcon Package
$339.95  $210.00
In Stock Free Shipping!
Luigino Atom F1 Viper 4.0 Skates
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Luigino Jackson V.I.P. Skate Package
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Available! May be drop shipped. Free Shipping!
Referee Starter Gift Pack
Made to Order
SISU Aero Ultralight MouthGuard
Average Rating(26)
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